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EJB design: serialized objects vs Remote Objects?

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    A client that will have an object which implements serializable interface, and passing this object to a remote machine where the remote machine changed some state of that object and returned it to the client , So now what will happen , that is the original object and the returned object have same state??.or not??

    The client send a object (Assume this object is implelents Remote interface) to the Remote machine and in that remote machine this object state is changed, now the object returned to the client,
    Now the two objects are changed their state ..?? or not ??

    And if what will happen if an object implements both the Remote interface and Serializable interface?

    Pls give me the answer,
  2. Scenery1:
    Two distinct objects with distinct states. The client will not know that the returned object is originated from that passed to the remote server.

    The same object with the same state. When a remote interface is passed to the server, the client sends a handle, not the actual remote object. So the server and the client know what 'instance' of the object you are passing.

    Is it implements both interfaces, I don't know, but probably it will behave like scenery 2.