how to get the data from xml and update in DB usig MDB


EJB design: how to get the data from xml and update in DB usig MDB

  1. Hello Friends,

    I need to develop an application where, I have to retrive all Data from an message queque which is in xml format and then insert those data to a Access Database.

    I know how to parse data in JAXP r XSLT. but I am not sure how to retrive any perticular data from xml and then insert it to Access.
    Which parser should i use to get the data, bcoz the data may b dynamic,ie, some may have many phone numbers, and some not....

    for eg: the employee details in the xml format will come to the queue thru JMS. v have to get the data from the xml file and have to update the database for that employee. but how?

    Any help would be G8.


  2. Hi,

    You can use XML parsing and also use some mapping XML to map your XML to DB field. Let me know if you need any sample programs.

    Ravi rasappan.
  3. pls send me the sample code[ Go to top ]

    u mean jaxb?
    it will be helpful (thankful)if u send me the sample programms.
  4. how about using JAXB, if you have schemas available for those xmls?

    JAXB hides the details and gets rid of the extraneous relationships in SAX and DOM.

    So, you can create java instances of your xml files dynamically. And you could even use those java objects as your DAOs.