I am working on a portal project at home and am upgrading my web services layer. I have been running some performance tests on a system at home and across the internet. Using a P4 3Ghz server running JDK 1.5.0_01 on Windows NT professional and a AMD64 (Compact R3000 laptop) using Windows XP home I have been able to do the following:

At home on 10/100 Mb Ethernet
5-8msec for 500KB data 1MB+ with tags for a XML/SOAP message between client and server. Time is measured after retrieving all the data from the method. Used nanosecond time available in jdk 1.5

Across Internet using P4 2.66Ghz on Windows XP Professional to the same server at home:

756-999msec for 500K payload or +1MB with tags. For smaller message of 10Byte payload about 400msec so I am assuming that about 400-500msec difference in time for 10Byte versus 500KB payload.

I believe I can get 100MB data transfer in around 1 second at home by upgrading my switch and putting 1Gb cards in laptop and server and hopefully my Cat5e can scale up to match my switches/cards.

These numbers were reached after a few late night/early morning sessions of tweeking system and software.

My question for you all is what is good versus great for Web Service performance for the Web Service Layer both for the internet and for local networks??


The Idaho Kid