The final 1.1 release of the HiveMind services and configuration microkernel has been released.

HiveMind is an inversion-of-control container that mixes in a powerful approach to modularization and configuration. It is ideally suited for building richly extensible frameworks. Tapestry 4.0 is built on HiveMind. HiveMind overlaps in functionality with the very popular Spring framework, but offers a significant number of its own wrinkles ... and integrates very cleanly with Spring.

Release 1.1 offers a significant number of improvements over 1.0. A few highlights:

    * Services and configurations may now be private to a module, and not directly accessible from other modules.

    * Lightweight initialization allows properties of an object instance to be configured without having to make the object a full-fledged service.

    * The locale is now tracked on a per-thread basis, and may be changed at any time.

    * Services may now be defined in terms of a Java class, not a Java interface.

    * Groovy may be used, instead of XML, to define services and configurations.

    * Modules may define a package; class names appearing in the XML may omit that package.

    * Streamlined XML with much smarter defaults for many attributes.

    * Support for AOP Alliance style method interception.

    * Services may now be exposed via JMX for remote control, and to monitor performance.

    * Much improved auto-wiring of services implementations, including automatic dependency injection via constructor parameters.

    * Support for building services around the Gang Of Four Strategy and Chain of Command patterns.

    * Configurations data may now be injected as a Map rather than a List, by defining the attribute used as a key.

    * Conditional contribution, controlled by the presence (or absence) of classes, or JVM system properties.

    * Service proxies may now be serialized and deserialized.

    * HiveDoc has been improved, both in content and in presentation.

Download HiveMind

HiveMind is released under the Apache Software License