Jdon is a RAD tool for writing a small/medium stand-alone J2EE application.

it is also IOC/AOP framework, and includes a lightweight Ioc container based on Picocontainer.its special point is that all components are replaceable, even includes the framework itself. you can plug-in any java objects.

Jdon giving a domain driven development way for data CRUD and batch query (master-details)

Jdon is like Rubby + IOC/AOP lightweight container, and can really simplify J2EE development! it can produce high quality applications, faster and at lower cost.

By using cache Jdon optimizes the components performance, such as the dynamic proxy components,
because of the cache optimization Jdon potentially improves the application system performance, such as batch query operations.

Jdon seamlessly supports two services: POJO/EJB , it helps you give the small/medium system scalable.

Jdon JPetstore is a lightweight J2EE application based Jdon Framework, and modified from iBatis JPetstore 4.0.5 .
Jdon JPetstore drastically reduces code!

Jdon Framework project:

JPetstore-Jdon Demo: