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    commenting on the EJB board.

    when the board was starting it didnt really need to be further subdidvided by topics, but now that might be of use.
    It would make information easier to find and avoid repeat posts.

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      I agree. We initially started with only two forums because we didn't want to have many empty forums..

      What new forums do you think we need?

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    Here are a couple ideas for new discussion groups:

    1) installation/configuration issues
    2) deploying ejb issues
    3) introduction to ejb

    Try to separate the discussion of topics like 'my bean won't compile' and other topics about design, performance, patterns etc.

    Also, a while ago, someone suggested that the discussion groups display the messages that have most recently been replied to at the top. I think this is a great idea!

    When I read the discussion group I'm interested in seeing all the latest posts, including replies to other posts. I find I miss all the replies, cause they're hidden.

    - Alex
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    I think organizing by latest reply would be a great idea. Of course even better would be a quick wat to v iew all threads that I have participated in to see how they are progressing. Maybe I should just write them down. ;)