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    I have developed an application in WSAD and changed the necessary files to deploy in Jboss(like jboss.xml and jboss-web.xml). I tried to deploy it and failed i received the message stating that

    Javax.namingException: JDBC is not bound.

    I have added an db2-ds.xml file and changed to the necessary configurations. Can Someone help me sort out this problem.

    Thanks in Advance
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    Please submit your db2-ds.xml (you can mask the password if you want :-) ) and the deployment descriptor which points to the data source.

    When you configure a data source in JBoss using a xxxx-ds.xml, the name you specify is bound in the 'java:' tree. It means that if you create a data source named 'DefaultDS', it will be obtained using 'java:DefaultDS'.

    The exception you sent suggests you're trying to get the DS from the 'root'. You can do that only if you create a resource-ref (it's a good idea).