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    Sun MicroSystems is offering a new support program for those that are using Sun developer tools and Java 2 Standard Edition (1.4.2 and 1.5.0). The program is designed to offer a level of assistance that goes beyond the resources that are already available. The program is currently offered as a free beta service. The current plan is to charge a small fee for the service once the trail period is closed.

    Through the program developers can receive advice regarding
    • Diagnostics
    • Sanity check on coding approach
    • Workarounds to current problems
    • Best practice guidance
    • Pointers to relevant sample applications and documentation that address the issue
    The program is limited in that they won’t be supplying or fixing code beyond providing small examples of the features in questions. Questions will be handled by forms and developers should expect answers with-in a 24 hour period.
    Given that Sun and other already provide so many help related resources, do you see yourself wanting to take advantage of this program?

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    Yes, for J2SE 5.0 it will be very useful. As far as 1.4.2 is concerned, this support program will not be very useful as there are other many sites which are doing this.

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