NineSYNC is designed upon Service Oritented Architecture, a technology which is going to change the way computing is done. The core idea behind the development of NineSYNC is helping (1) decentralized data to centralize, (2) aiding in global data sharing, (3) periodic synchronization without user intervention, (4) multi vendor database support without loss of performance, (5) unifying and map data. Presently, NineSYNC is able to synchronize and map multi vendor databases: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, SqlServer, MS Access, DB2. Informix will be added into the list shortly. NineSYNC is also capable of binary file synchronization and XML mapping. File synchronization is same as most other file sync program, but NineSYNC has additional option for file synchronization based on size, date, and other modes and any combination of it.

NineSYNC database synchronization is based on data mapping from source to the target and then running the synchronization engine for update and insert. The source and target, both are considered to be database. At any instance only one source and one target is allowed. Because web services are instance based, additional source/target pair may be used. NineSYNC performs an incremental data synchronization and keeps track of what has been changed and applies the change to the rows or files that has actually changed.

NineSYNC's instance based synchronization help in many ways. In addition to its simplicity, each NineSYNC mapping and synchronization is unidirectional. Bi-directional synchronizaiton is achieved very easily by creating a second instance in the opposite direction. In fact, this concept is so powerful that NineSYNC is already ready for multi-directional synchronization beyond two datasources.

NineSYNC allows MS Access mdb files to be synchronized with almost any other databases. NineSYNC client connects to the NineSYNC server and uploads the mdb file to the server. The server does the synchronization with the target. If the target is also an mdb file, then the new mdb file is returned back to the client. In addition to this, mdb files are also transferred through FTP. More detail is available through web site.

NineSYNC XML mapping will be available in version 1.11. The XML mapping maps a source XML file to a target XML file with complete control.

NineSYNC v1.10 is immediately available for sale. To test out a version, please visit and download the client and test it against the web service running in the server. NineSYNC server may also be downloaded and tested against the client. To get help with installation, please contact support at jence dot com. For more information on NineSYNC, visit

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