ZK is an event-driven, XUL-based, AJAX, all Java framework to enable rich user interfaces for Web applications. With ZK, you represent your Web application in feature-rich XUL and HTML components, and manipulate these components by listening to events triggered by users, all at the server, as simple and rich as you did for years in desktop applications.

ZK has the following characteristics.

  • XUL-based Components. Over 55 feature-rich XUL components are supported. No proprietary components.
  • Event Driven Model. Simple and intuitive as what we enjoyed in developing desktop apps.
  • Server-Centric Processing. No JavaScript and AJAX for application developers. No need to replicate business logic at the clients.
  • Representation in XUL. No programming knowledge required. Leveraging XUL community and resources.
  • Script in Java and EL Expressions. Quick prototyping and customization. Just POJO (Plain Old Java cOdes).
  • ZK works with existent frameworks and technologies, such as JSF and Portals, so the pace of adapting it is all under your control.

More details are available at SourceForce. You could try the features online without installation at Live Demo.
Welcome your input.

Thanks and Regards,
Tom Yeh
The ZK project