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    What a component means in j2EE? If it is set of business logic, then it is middle tier component. So what about presentation layer? If I want to say I am following component based architecture, how I will show my interaction between presentation layer and business layer. Then what about packaging diagram. How all these elements fit in j2ee architecture?

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    IF i am building a enterprise app that accesses databases and has a web front in, i would use Struts,Spring,Hibernate these are all components.
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    A good starting point to J2EE design and overall architecture may be Sun Blueprints. It is Sun's reference implementation, it is simple enough be to understood by newbees and also covers most of the design aspects of a web enterprise application. In addition, you can download Petstore and see how they apply some of the J2EE design patterns. There is also Bettershop, similar to Petstore but also equipped with lightweight artillery such as Spring, Hibernate and Tapestry. This should give you enough material for the weekend :)

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