JetBrains releases TMate 2.0 for advanced repository management


News: JetBrains releases TMate 2.0 for advanced repository management

  1. JetBrains has announced the release of TMate 2.0, a combination of web application and plugin for IDEA 5.0, providing repository management capabilities for a CVS or SVN repository from a web browser or from within IDEA.

    From the press release: TMate enhances version control support by making additional information available in a simple on-screen form and by keeping development teams aware of changes to their repositories as they happen. TMate organizes raw data in a fully customizable Outlook-like tree browser, improving developer productivity in several key ways:
    • Track Modifications: TMate indexes repository data as it is added, assembles and displays it in useful views, notifies developers quickly of changes
    • Generate Customized Team Reports: TMate displays key information about a team's performance and output, organized by subsystem, in bar charts that make it easy to identify critical points in the development process
    • Group for Analysis: TMate groups repository changes according to user-chosen parameters like User, Date, or Tag, and easily tracks who makes changes when, and of what type, during development
    • Act as Smart Client of IntelliJ IDEA: TMate puts all that repository information into the hands of developers in easy-to-find, easy-to-use form
    • Leverage IntelliJ IDEA's Power: TMate enhances IntelliJ IDEA's built-in CVS support with smart Commit and Update functions

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  2. Great Tool[ Go to top ]

    TMate is really an awesome tool and has quite a few useful capabilities.

    I wish Tmate would have an option to import my CVS settings from the IDEA project cvs setup. In my case I had to spend like more than a few hours trying to re-set TMate to connect to my cvs repository.

    Also, the license fee of $99 is a bit on the higher side. I am still using my eval - hoping my eval will still work with ver 2.0.

    Good job.