xulfaces is an open source project hosted on sourceforge.net.

It's an attempt to bring xul power to Java.

Features :

    * Light deployment

      Mozilla and Firefox have an integrated XUL engine, you can use your favorite web browser to run XUL application.

    * Keep business layer on the server side

      XUL is fine for UI but if you want to access your business logic on the server side it turns to nightmare.

      JSF and AJAX pattern are used to build a bridge between the client and the server.

    * Efficient but with rich UI features

      XUL offers a rich UI for business applications. XUL is simple XML language. There are trees, tabbed panes, list boxes, wizards,layout and so on.

      You have the ability to refresh the entire screen or a part of it.

    * facelet support (in xulfaces v0.3 12/2005)

      facelet is a framework like Tapestry, backed by JavaServer Faces as the industry standard.

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