Summary: due to a growing and maturing user community, and Daisy's increased market adoption, Outerthought is now able to offer expanded Daisy-related support and services. Amongst others, those services include: Daisy hosting, (installation) support and turn-key Daisy-based projects.

What is Daisy?

Daisy is an open-source, enterprise-ready content management system, that is unencumbered for commercial usage, bridging the gap between the flexibility and ease of use of Wikis and the robustness and scalability of a general-purpose ReST-accessible content repository.

Daisy can be used for website content management, but thanks to its powerful metadata support and query capabilities Daisy is also an ideal tool for setting up a company knowledge management system. Daisy goes beyond the classic folder-based document storage systems, thus providing a refreshingly new look at content, metadata and knowledge management.

Daisy does WYSIWYG browser-based editing without specific client installation, and provides full-text searching across most common office file formats. Its sophisticated access control system and rich, skinnable publishing framework are specifically designed to ease of use and configurability.

Daisy can be found at

What services does Outerthought provide?

Outerthought is the reference services, support and solutions provider for Daisy. We offer an appealing set of services and support plans, which make Daisy a viable candidate for enterprise usage.

Our renewed and expanded set of services are:

* Daisy hosting - in collaboration with selected hosting partners, we now offer managed Daisy-based hosting
* support contracts - a selection of support plans for both end-users and integrators
* installation support - we help you to set up Daisy secure and fast
* Daisy workshops - learn all there is to know about Daisy in our two-day workshops
* Daisy turnkey - a compelling CMS project offer for a fixed budget and with an assured turnaround time

Of course, customers are also invited to further invest in Daisy's evolution by funding parts of its development. Up to 50% of its development so far has been supported through customer contracts, who allowed us to add generic features to the Daisy codebase while addressing specific needs.

All new service options are explained on our new company website: