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    Thanks for reading this post.
    I have a requirement to send a JMS message from a word macro. This word macro will be written using VisualBasic.

    Is it possible to send a JMS message from VisualBasic without using any third party tool. Also as this goes into word document as a macro so it should not demand any specific client side requirements.

    Meaning this word document will be published over intranet, users cn download it and click this macro. This should read the content of the document and send it as a JMS message.

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    easiest way to do this is to use a COM bridge..
    check out the link says how to set it up as a JMS client..however but this is a good place to start...

    u mentioned no 3rd party client? u wannt to use a component that implements the JMS specification..unless u want to implement it yourself :P(dont think u wanna do that)