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    Hi all
    i am trying to map my Entity Beans to the MySQL database
    through EJB TO RDB Mapping but it not showing me any vendor type for MySQL DataBase

    even if i provide JDBC driver Class
    & class location & Connection Url

    i am not able to click the Next Button

    if anyone has the answer then do post it soon

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  2. MySQL and WSAD[ Go to top ]

    Configuring MySQL DataSource connection through WSAD.

    Start WSAD.
    Select Window menu
    Select Open perspective and click on Server

    A server perspective opens up

    Right click on Servers. It will display a pop up menu. Select New. It will show Server and server configuration Click it.

    The following window appears. Fill Server name as ‘OlseServer’. Click finish.

    You can now see a new server added.

    Double click on OlseServer. OlseServer editor appears

    Select security tab

    Click add button . The following window appears

    Fill the following entries.

    a. Alias : OLSE
    b. User Id : OLSE
    c. Password : OLSE2005

    After adding, JAAS Authentication Entries would look like this.

    Select DataSource Tab and Click add

    Create a JDBC property window appears.

    Select User-defined in Database type and User-defined JDBC Provider Click next.

    Select the type of JDBC provider to create

    Provide any name for Name

    In the implementation class name Enter a String as

    Select entry in the Class Path and Remove it.

    Click add external JARs

    Browse and find ‘ mysql-connector-java-3.0.16-ga-bin.jar’ click open and Finish

    You can see a new JDBC provider has been added to JDBC provider list.

    Now add entries for data source defined in the JDBC provider selected above.
    Click add to do so.

    A new window pops up i.e., “Create a DataSource”. Select next.

    A new window modify Data Source appears Add the following entries
    d. Name* : Olse DataSource
    e. Jndi/Name : jdbc/OLSE
    f. DataSourceHelperClassName :” DataStoreHelper”
    g. Component – managed authentication alias : OLSE
    h. Container- managed authentication alias: OLSE

    Click finish

    You can see the data source defined has been added.

    Now add resource properties defined in the data source selected above. Click Add

    Add a resource property window pop ups.

    Add the following entries:
    · Name : URL
    · Type : java.lang.String
    · Value : jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/OLSE
    · Check the required check box
    · Click Ok

    You can see a resource property has been added.

    Save the changes made either by pressing CTRL+S or pressing the save tool bar