he following major features have been added:

* Site Areas - polliwog now reports on logical groupings of pages within your site (site area).

* Visit Paths - polliwog reports on the path (via site areas) that a visitor took through your site.

* Pages - provides information about each page visited.

* User-defined collections - you can now define "collections" of visits that can then be processed.

* zipped and gzipped files are handled transparently.

* Some formatting improvements made.

See the release notes (http://polliwog.sourceforge.net/RELEASE_NOTES.txt) for full details.

If all you want to know about your website is how many visitors you are getting a month, DON'T use polliwog! But if you really want to know what your visitors are doing and want to improve your website then DO use polliwog!

See: http://polliwog.sourceforge.net