Authentisoft introduces IDX EAP


News: Authentisoft introduces IDX EAP

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    Authentisoft, a provider of application and security technologies has made available the release of Identity Exchange (IDX). IDX enables IT administrators and application developers to quickly integrate and deploy single sign-on infrastructures using popular directory servers such as Active Directory and OS X Open Directory.

    IDX removes the complexity of developing and integrating single sign-on applications into a unified security architecture, IDX makes single sign-on simple. The IDX application includes and powerful administration console for managing directories, users and their security rights.

    Designed for everyone, IDX runs on the most popular J2EE application servers and supports nearly all JDBC compliant databases.

    Online Downloads

    The standalone version, which is available for download is bundled with an application server and database. This distribution runs out of the box with Tomcat and HSQL.

    • Simple to use administration console for administrating users and their various security rights.
    • Support for custom user stores.
    • Unlimited users and user stores.
    • Pre-built Java, .NET and PHP libraries.
    • Support for Microsoft Active Directory and Apple OS X Open Directory.
    • Database support includes: DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
    • Chained authentication and authorization rules to support multiple directories views to a single application client.
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    I've been using this for a couple different apps. Was easy to to tie in with webwork. One thing the post doesn't mention is it supports internal directorys so you can use it independant of a directory server..