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    Hi all,

    I am working on a web application using struts freamework.
    This application is expected to support large number of transactions and would be using lot of large objects and file manipulation.

    Can anybody please suggest me which web application server should i use.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Nishant.

    I am no expert but ...

    If you really need ejb container and some advanced features only application server can provide go for JBoss, otherwise try Spring Framework( for your Business Logic.

    I would also reconsider Struts. Better choice seems to be JSF or Tapestry (personal favorite)

    Reassuming, for new project I would take into account two paths:
    1) JBoss Application Server, EJB3 or Hibernate, JBoss Seam (, JSF
    2) Jakarta Tomcat or Jetty, Hibernate or iBatis , Spring Framework, Tapestry or JSF or Struts or Spring MVC

    My recent project employed Hibernate/Spring+Acegi/Tapesty and it was quite fun ...

    Also check Trails (
    "Trails is a domain driven development framework in the spirit of Ruby on Rails or Naked Objects."

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    Tomcat or JBoss!!

    Tomcat is not an Application Server, it is a servlet container. On the other hand JBoss is an Application server. So the question will be will you use only struts framework? Or you will have some kind of EJB or Hibernate?

    If you have struts only use Tomcat, if you have some kind of backend you must choose an Application Server.

    JBoss, Websphere, Bea Weblogic ..etc you select on of them.
    I hope that it can help you.

    Ahmed hashim