Silverstream announces support plans for J2EE Connector 1.0 Spec


News: Silverstream announces support plans for J2EE Connector 1.0 Spec

  1. Silverstream's announcement today of *plans* to support the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) is a good indicator that J2EE Vendors are serious about adding J2EE 1.3 JCA support to their offerings. The JCA will become a critical tool for J2EE developers working on integration projects, it will also allow API's such as Java Data Objects(JDO) from within their J2EE servers.

    For more information on the importance of JCA, read this Giga Advisory.

    Press Release:
    Billerica, Mass., January 29, 2001- SilverStream Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSSW), The eBusiness Platform Company, today announced plans for comprehensive support of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) Connector Architecture 1.0 specification. The J2EE Connector Architecture, which is part of the forthcoming J2EE 1.3 standard, is a specification for connecting J2EE technology-based Java applications to a broad array of vital enterprise information systems. SilverStream will be one of the first vendors to deliver an eBusiness Platform for building and deploying integrated, interoperable eBusiness solutions based on the J2EE Connector Architecture specification - empowering corporations to use industry standards to leverage more of their existing systems and IT assets.

    "The J2EE Connector Architecture component of the J2EE 1.3 standard is an open standards approach to the linking of heterogeneous systems," said Craig Roth, an analyst with META Group. "Companies that are serious about Java support will have to keep on top of this specification."

    Customers who implement the standards-based SilverStream eBusiness Platform gain comprehensive connectivity to enterprise systems along with the increased flexibility and extensibility not afforded by packaged applications. This approach to eBusiness applications enables corporations to deliver all relevant information and services to customers, partners and employees across the entire business.

    Vital eBusiness Connectivity and Integration
    Leveraging the widespread acceptance of J2EE technology, the J2EE Connector Architecture provides a standards-based solution for the integration of Java technology-based applications with a corporation's existing business systems. SilverStream's announcement includes plans to deliver key technologies for supporting both the application server and application adapter portions of the J2EE Connector Architecture 1.0 specification, making the Company the first technology vendor to announce such comprehensive support.

    "Applications, new and old, don't deliver business value unless they seamlessly share data and functionality," said Arny Epstein, chief technology officer, SilverStream Software. "The J2EE Connector Architecture is an important integration and interoperability specification that will enable corporations to better leverage investments made in all of their systems and software. SilverStream's eBusiness Platform successfully addresses this critical business need with committed support for industry standards such as the J2EE Connector Architecture."

    As part of its comprehensive J2EE Connector Architecture support, SilverStream will implement the connection, transaction and security services defined in the J2EE Connector Architecture. SilverStream will also add value on top of the specification with features designed to enhance customers' ability to rapidly deploy integration services for critical business applications.

    "The J2EE Connector Architecture will become a cornerstone of the J2EE platform interoperability strategy," said Vijay Sarathy, J2EE connectivity market manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We are pleased to see that SilverStream has recognized the ability of the J2EE Connector Architecture to provide an open integration platform for Java technology-based applications, allowing users to interoperate with key business systems inside of their organizations and across their value chains."

    For a detailed, technical discussion of SilverStream's support for the J2EE Connector Architecture specification please visit the SilverStream Web site:

    SilverStream plans to incorporate J2EE Connector Architecture support as part of its key SilverStream eBusiness Platform products - SilverStream xCommerce and SilverStream Application Server - shortly after the commercial availability of J2EE specification of v 1.3.

    About SilverStream Software, Inc.
    SilverStream Software, Inc., The eBusiness Platform Company, delivers software and services that enable businesses to create, deploy and manage eBusiness applications. Used in corporations throughout the world, SilverStream Software products are changing the way business is being conducted in Global 2000 companies and large organizations such as ADC Telecommunications, Amerisure Insurance, Home Depot, the Chicago Stock Exchange, Samsung Electronics, Sears, Qwest Communications and US Cellular.

    SilverStream Software,, is publicly traded on the NASDAQ national market under the symbol SSSW and is based in Billerica, Massachusetts.

  2. Borland App Server 4.5 already comes with a JCA implementation calls Visiconnect. It is based on the current draft specifications so I expect there will be some migration in future.

    In addition, open source OpenEJB has is already using JCA for its JBDC connector architecture. I believe someone is working on a JCA implementation for jBoss, another open-source app server.
  3. Are there any ERP vendors right now in the market who started supporting the implementation of J2EE connectors for their platform??