I have a problem of "escaping single quote" in <bean:write../> tag.

The code snap below,

<a href="" onClick="javascript:openRank('Fine','<bean:write name="bean1" property="rankDesc" scope="page"/>');return false"> RankSuggest </a>

This is rendered(or compiled) as <a href="" onClick="javascript:openRank('Fine',
'Need to improve as per Rim&#39;s code'); return false">
RankSuggest </a>

rankDesc is dynamically assigned to onClick function. As <bean:write../> is enclosed by single quote, if there is any other single quote in dynamically assigned rankDesc (Rank Description - fetched from database), the single quote is converted to &#39; and throwing Content Not Found error while clicking on hyper link.

How can i solve this issue?

PS: i used < > in places of anchor tags start and end as this posting editor did't allowed to post.

Thanks in Advance.