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    Can the Connection Manager in a J2EE container be used to front-end connections to a component that is housed inside the container? If so, how do we do it? Also, which J2EE containers provide for such support?

    I'm trying to write a server which needs to serve a large number(10 - 20K) of clients at any given point in time and all these connections need to be persistent. Does the J2EE framework provide for a connection manager to deal with this scenario? If so, can my component use the RA of this component to provide for the requirement?

    If the container doesnt provide for such support, will my component being part of the J2EE container be able to listen on a network port on its own and be able to serve the clients?

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    It sounds like you need JCA. You can use JCA inside your J2EE container or inside Spring via Jencks...

    e.g. see the Message Driven POJO examples...

    You just need to implement a Resource Adapter.

    BTW what kind of clients are these & what does it mean for the connection to be persisted?