Viewtier Systems, Inc., has announced the release of its software build management server Parabuild version 2.0.4. Parabuild helps software organizations reduce high risks of failures of projects caused by broken code base by delivering uninterrupted daily builds.

Parabuild helps to cure acute pain of broken code bases. With Parabuild, daily builds can succeed if the head of the code base is broken. Continuous integration builds provided by Parabuild ensure that new changes integrate into existing code base.

Key Parabuild Features

- Continuous integration builds.
- Daily, nightly and QA builds.
- High speed Web interface.
- Integration with ClearCase, Perforce, Visual SourceSafe, Surround SCM, CVS, Subversion and WinCVS.
- Build scripting: shell scripts, Perl, make, MSBuild, Electric Cloud, nmake, ANT, nANT, Maven, Jam and VB.
- Multiple platform support: Windows, Cygwin, Linux, Solaris, HP UX and generic Unix, including Mac OS X.
- Release notes from Bugzilla, Perforce jobs and Jira.

Why Parabuild
- Uninterrupted daily builds.
- Remote multiplatform builds.
- Low to zero administration.
- Two-minutes installation; fifteen minutes to first build.
- Searchable logs and results archive.
- Group-based security.

What's New In Version 2.0.4

Parabuild 2.0.4 is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes to the server and adds integration with WinCVS. Release notes are available at A working evaluation version of Parabuild 2.0.4 is available for download at

About Viewtier Systems, Inc.

Founded in 2004 and based in Mountain View, CA, Viewtier Systems is a software build automation company dedicated to solving the problem of high risks of failures of software projects caused by broken code base.