In a two-part Q&A, Iona Technologies chief technology officer Eric Newcomer previews what's coming from the Eclipse SOA project and where it will borrow from Service Component Architecture. He also talks about open source enterprise service bus efforts and how the Java-.NET competition overlooks XML.

In part one Newcomer talks about his role chairing the Eclipse SOA project.
We want to focus this project on the development and the description of services, so this is a service-oriented project, not an object-oriented project. It adds core design to define and describe services that are interrelated and deployable by various runtimes, such as app servers or ESBs. We should see the first phases of that during the coming year.

In part two he makes a plea to get beyond the Java vs. .NET paradigm.
In Web services today, we're still looking at annotations in Java or doing annotations in .NET to create services objects, instead of allowing developers to develop the XML and then map it down to some language later. Today, we're still seeing too much emphasis on trying to choose your development language between Java and .NET, and we're seeing XML as kind of a byproduct of that. I think those communities are resisting that change.