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    Windward Studios has announced the public availability of Windward Reports 4.1, with new Hebrew and Arabic support, a mechanism to make generating reports easier with AutoTag, full OLE object support (even on non-Windows platforms), and metafile support to preserve image dimensions in print. Of less interest to Java programmers, the new release also introduces a .NET version of the reporting engine.

    AutoTag is an add-in for MS Word (with OpenOffice support coming soon) that makes it easy to put data tags in a document. Windward Reports does not have it’s own report design tool, using a word processor instead, which means less training for users.

    Windward Reports 4.1 also now fully supports bi-directional languages (Hebrew & Arabic). With this addition Windward Reports now supports every language in use on the planet. (And it should be able to handle Klingon too, making Windward possibly the only reporting product that supports a galatic range of languages. If anyone uses this dialect... we'd like to know.)

    The new version also provides support for OLE objects. If an OLE object is displayed in the template, that image will be placed in the output report as a bitmap (except for the text format which does not allow images). Now reports can include the output from the Word equation editor, drawing program, or any other OLE enabled application, even if Windward Reports is used on a platform that doesn't natively support OLE.

    Metafile support means that images printed will preserve the original dimensions of the image, regardless of the output resolution.

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    hmm, looking at the demo. I see demonstration of AutoTag only how about some working sample of windward reports in java.
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    Please go to and there are 9 samples using java. There is no vide for calling it form java because it is very simple.

    thanks - dave
  4. AutoTag is very impressive. Great idea and seems to be implemented real nicely.

    Good job, guys!