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    Simon Phipps and Danese Cooper were at the GPL v3 conference in Cambridge and took notes about what changes the new license introduces. There's no discussion of the implications for Java in the notes.

    There are a lot of changes, many of which are fairly minor. Most of the changes add clarifications about license compatibility and how a license notification should be executed. The GPL still maintains it's strident stand on software freedom, including quite a bit on digital rights management and the DMCA (and equivalents). It also clarifies how system library code interacts with the GPL, which eliminates many previously disputed combinations of code.

    Your Humble Editor isn't a lawyer, so I'm relying on the interpretations of those more familiar with specific licenses on interpretation of the new GPL. That said, I haven't seen much on the implications for Java code under the GPL.

    What do you think of the new license draft?

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    The major implication for Java is that GPL3 according to the draft will allow specific exceptions to be ASLv2, EPL and CDDL compatible, which could be pretty useful for combining GPL3 licensed code with those other free software license with more restrictive/different patent retaliation clauses.

    Or, simply speaking, Kaffe will indeed be able to merge everything in that comes close enough to it. ;)

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