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News: Hibernate 3.1.1 released

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    Hibernate 3.1.1 has been released earlier this week. This maintenance release focused on bugfixes and improvements, especially regarding:
    • SQL Server support
    • Native Query support
    • Connection handling
    For more details check out the release notes.

    Hibernate 3.1 introduced non OLTP features as well as better environment integration:
    • Custom strategy for session handling through CurrentSessionContext including 2 default implementations (JTA based and ThreadLocal based session handling)
    • more natural and aggressive connection handling in J2EE and J2SE environments
    • command-oriented API (StatelessSession API) for operations on huge number of objects
    • bulk UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT INTO ... SELECT for multi-table entities
    • "extra lazy" collections for huge collection handling
    • use of join fetch on collection through scrollable resultsets through break processing
    • database generated properties (including database timestamps)
    • additional ON clauses for joins
    • dirty checking short-cuts for instrumented classes
    Downloads are available here.

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  2. DML-style HQL[ Go to top ]

    I'm happy to see this feature evolving. This is a great step towards database independent migration scripts. DML-style HQL in combination with DDL-style HQL (CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, ...) would make up a valuable database migration facility.