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    We are working to develop a new web application for our client - the requirement being that it should be a "rich-client"-ish web application, calling for nice looking custom components.

    We have almost fixed on Hibernate and Spring for our persistence medium - now we are looking for a framework that would :

    a) provide extensive support for custom components
    b) ease of development (not all our developers are not exactly geeks :( ) - availability of RAD tools
    c) easy integration with Spring-Hibernate

    We are looking at JSF and Tapestry as key prospects that fit these needs. But from what I have been able to see, JSF and Spring are not as easily integrable as are Tapestry and Spring.

    I would like to know your view on this - and your opinion on which is the right way to go.

    Thanks in advance.

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    JSF and Spring integrate very well - there is a custom Expression language resolver available for JSF as part of Spring which will allow you to manage your JSF managed beans (or at least the model related ones) through Spring factories.
    See the following paper from JavaOne last year: