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    What is Design Pattern?where can i get good documentation for Design Pattern

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    Design Patterns are used by developers to document a particular approach to solving a complex problem. This can then be used in future projects to give a structured approach to a similar problem.

    The most commonly used patterns are the Gang of Four (GoF) patterns and are discussed here:
    If you would like information on J2EE patterns, there is a good article here:

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    Design Patterns are the basic building blocks for the large software projects. Instead of 're-inventing the wheel' everytime, we take help of these design patterns for the coding procedures. These are tested, proved, well documented practices for implementing a given situation. When the small blocks are coded well and implemented, its obvious that the complete project which comprises of the small blocks, also work well and efficiently.
    There are are numerous design patterns which are popular now a days. To start with, we can go for the Gang of Four to understand and appreciate the usefulness of the design patterns.
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    A pattern is a commonly seen structure of classes designed around modelling a particular kind of structure or solving a particular problem with an improved technique.

    Some patterns that have smaller elements than types I would consider techniques or "refactorings". I'm quite interested myself in the relationship between refactorings and patterns/anti-patterns (there's one more term for ya).
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    Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software by Gang of Four This is the far best choice...
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    Check out the following link and you can find more pattern information.

  7. Hi all, can anybody provide me information about frameowrk / design pattern for development of blog application? -M14j
  8. Re: Design Pattern[ Go to top ] One of the Best and complete book in Patterns implemented in java.