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News: ANTLR Studio for Eclipse released

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    ANTLR Studio is a plugin for Eclipse which allows creating, debugging and visualising ANTLR grammars in a highly integrated environment.

    Some of its unique features:
    • Flux Debugger - Allows integrated debugging of ANTLR grammars along with java code. You can even see parse trees/ASTs being formed and input text being parsed along the way.
    • Syntax Diagrams - Diagrams are formed in real time as you type your rules.
    • Lexer Wizard - Allows generation of complex lexers within minutes.
    Plus lots more stuff like quickfixes, highlighting, code completion in the editor,etc. Its editor uses TypeOnce, instead of the normal code completion, so you are not even required to press Ctrl+Space.

    A single user license is available for 49$. A fully functional 11 day evaluation license is available as well.
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    This sounds extremely cool and useful.
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    This sounds extremely cool and useful.

    I'd definitely agree with this, and I plan to try it out as soon as I have time. I am working on a large-ish grammar with Javacc (> 100 productions) and I found it so hard to keep track of it that I ended up writing an extension to a UML tool to allow me to draw psuedo-BNF using UML classes, and generate the grammar from this.

    Kudos to the author for an excellent and much needed tool.

    Tools like this are definitely needed. I may even try changing to ANTLR to use it.

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    Yeah, the incremental parsing could be very useful for IDEs.
  5. Seems to be great tool but unfortunately it is Eclipse based.
    Could you guys release a version for IDEA or NetBeans?

    The tool seems so good that I even tried to install that dreaded Eclipse on Gentoo AMD64 and it does not even start with IncompatibleClassChangeError or SegmentationFault, depending on combination of JDK, and Eclipse binaries I try to use.
    Eclipse is shame for Java community because it defies WORA and creates unnecessary OS dependencies ( my separate thank you to that stupid SWT). Sorry for the Eclipse rant, but I am so upset.