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    i develop a web service with JDeveloper 10.1.2 IDE.
    This web service run on Oracle Application Server.

    i finish my code. And now try to client ip for Logging.

    i try to use SoapContext or HttpRequestContext... and like
    + SOAPServerContext
    + RequestContext req;
    OracleSOAPContext os = req.getRequestSOAPContext();
    String myip = os.getRemoteAddress();
    + OracleSOAPTransport
    + OracleSOAPHTTPConnection

    -- When i try like this ->

    public String(SoapContext sc,String param1)
     // code...

    in jdeveloper, when i try to convert Web Service its error like "... XML not seriziable...."

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    Any one answer???
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    i also wondering how to get the ws client ip address... i tried the way u mentioned too... it didn't work...

    I posted the question at :

    nobody answers!