facing problem while starting weblogic8.1 using ANT Tasks


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: facing problem while starting weblogic8.1 using ANT Tasks

  1. Hi,
    i'm am velan...i'm trying to start the weblogic server using the following ant tasks

    startserver.xml(file name)
    <project name="server start" default="server-start">
    <property name="dir" value="C:/bea/user_projects/domains/itsmydomain"/>
    <target name="start-server">
    <wlserver dir="${dir}" host="" port="7001" action="start"/>

    i'm executing this command using ant -f startserver.xml...
    after the server is started,i'm not able to open the console page...

    if anyone knows plz do reply...


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    can you tell if the server is actually running? the Admin console may be disabled. look into the server log for your server, and see if there's anything there. In the config.xml make sure, the console is not disabled. Can you get to your apps on that server, or is it just the console?

    Try starting the server using the startWebLogic.cmd script, and see if you can get to the console. Is it an ant script issue or console issue? Make sure nothing is wrong with the browser either.