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    I am having three stateless Bean.One bean M will invoke
    methods of other two bean X,Y .M bean is deployed on
    weblogic of one system. And X,Y beans are deployed on
    weblogic of differrent system.X and Y bean's functnality is
    deposit and withdraw amount.I can able to achieve the
    transcation concept, I mean even one (X,Y) of my bean's method throws exception which exist in diferrent machine,
    entire thing is getting rollbacked.But document says
    weblogic5.1 it dosen't support distributed
    transcation.Only weblogic 6.0 supports distributed
    transcation( Two-phase commit)

    I had doubt what I have done is a distributed transaction.
    Also am using same connection pool name of two weblogic server(Two servers are on the diferent machine)
    Any one help in this regard.

    With Regards,

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    Distribute transaction is supported by EJB 1.1 specs.
    Web Logic 5.1 conforms to EJB 1.1 standard.

    Check out about Web Logic 5.1 and distributed transactions in

    Ajeet Koru
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    No. You are referring to WebLogic Enterprise 5.1, which is built on Tuxedo. WLS 5.1 doesn't support distributed transactions.