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    Any chance of starting a Best Practices site, where developers can post information specific to

    1. Details of practices/ideas that have worked
    2. Details of things that HAVEN'T worked (aka Anti-Patterns)
    3. Good Articles detailing Best Practices (Security, XML etc)

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    Thats a good idea George,

       We currently have a design patterns section for patterns that "do" work. Our resources page contains articles, many of which are about best practises as you describe. The only thing lacking is anti-patterns, which we do not have a section for.

      If you were to add a section to the site as you suggest, how would you do it? Would it be a dynamic page like everything else? Would you make it a whole new section (with a tab at the top of the page) or be linked from another page?

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    I have to think about "how" it would be integrated into the site, but let me add some thoughts by you

    1. If you ever take a look at a publication called Visual Basic Programmers Journal (yeah I know, its VB), but they have a "yearly" addendum, detailing the 100 things to avoid. While some items seem to repeat every year, there are simple things like "Don't use a Floating Point variable as a counter in a loop. They then get up to more advanced stuff, and I would say that a large amount of them deal with performance related issues. I would have to believe that there are similar Java related items that developers could use.

    2. EJB Related Stuff - I also believe there are similar items here, especially as it relates to key functions that need to be coded, issues dealing with latency/network load etc.

    3. With those 2 items said, I could see 1 section dealing with "dynamic" data, and then as the group agree's getting that moved to a "Static" section

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    I think we are going to incorporate this into the site with the introduction of a polling system. That way we can have people voting on the top patterns and practices that they use every day.

    Thanks for the awesome suggestion!