JInspired Releases JXInsight 4.1 - Leading Java Enterprise Application Performance Test and Management (APTM) Solution
AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands. March 13, 2006 -- JInspired today announced general availability of JXInsight 4.1. The leading Java application performance test and management solution (APTM), JXInsight, provides an extensible distributed tracing, profiling and transaction event pattern analysis platform. JXInsight enables development, test and operations staff to deliver a comprehensive test and management solution, monitoring end-to-end user experience for mission criticial Java enterprise applications.

JXInsight 4.1 is the first APTM solution for HP OpenView's ObjectServer platform used to deliver HP's next generation ITSM products such as ServiceDesk 5.0, Service Level Manager 5.0, CMDB Manager and NetComplete 5.0. The integration of JXInsight with the ObjectServer technology gives HP OpenView and its customers deep insight into the runtime behavior of the application workflow, including transaction and component execution trace analysis. A distributed trace extension provides the ability to trace all database transactions back to the actual HP OpenView client console - down to the line of code. Combining this with JXInsight's Java Client trace extension, enables the HP OpenView Performance Test Engineering Team to track requests and transactions back to the originating user session and UI component.

"One of the important enhancements in this release is our JVMInsight technology. JVMInsight is an extensible and configurable repository inspection solution that enables the JXInsight management console to display additional state information, acquired from a server's repositories. Having the ability to access such detailed runtime configuration and state information from a production JVM is crucial in resolving service performance and outage problems." said William Louth, Chief Technology Officer, JInspired. "For developers this information provides a level of detail normally provided by a Java debugger but without the overhead. For test engineers the information can be stored for routine change & configuration management activities. With the ability to configure the automatic export of information from multiple repositories in the event of a runtime error, operations and support staff have a powerful tool for post analysis of related alerts and incidents."

JXInsight 4.1 introduces many new innovative features and enhancements including:
- A ServiceTime profile measurement that reflects the level of concurrency for a component resource
- BEA WebLogic 8.x RMI protocol extension for distributed tracing
- Enhanced timeline visualizations for quick detection of concurrent processing bottlenecks
- Fast switch mechanism between client-side and server-side associated Java call stacks
- Platform support for Windows IA64, Windows x86 64, Linux IA64, and HP-UX IA32/64
- Improved JBoss JMS, Hibernate and EJB3 trace integration

For more information visit http://www.jinspired.com/products/jxinsight/downloads/new-in-4.1.html

Both the JXInsight Enterprise Server Edition and WorkStation Edition are available immediately. A free download of the JXInsight 4.1 is available for existing JXInsight 4.0 customers.