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    Hi all

    We are facing a Strange Problem on our Application which is deployed onWeblogic . When accessing the reports that takes more than 10 mins in general ,the same request is getting posted for every 5mins and the result is not coming even after 30mins. Some times after repeating for 2 or 3 times, the report is generated. But if the same report is accessed in non business hours , we are not facing the problem

    Why the request is posting in Loop , we are not able to understand.

    Do let me know if any Solution is available for the same

    B S Reddy

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    Assumming that you have a separate web server, there is a process that repeats the post when there is no response from the application server.
    We had a similar situation, we used iPlanet web server with Weblogic and there is a parameter in web server that allows to set the time within which it expects a response back from weblogic. If the response doesn't come back within this time, the web server repeats the post.