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    I'm involved in a J2EE project and has not been working with J2EE the last year. I want to read books to get me back on track.

    Please could you recommend any books about J2EE, focusing on Design, Architecture, Test, Security, etc. Not only EJB, but more J2EE as common. I want books that are pretty technical deep, not for starters.

    My overall role is acting as an architect.

    I'm reading the "Expert One-on-one J2EE Design and Development" right now. Any suggestions? Is it to old?

    Please advice,

    Great thanks.
  2. Try this one - "Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB" excelent ;).

    And yes is to old, but if you read this two books you have then all.

    Try a over all book also - "POJOS in action"

  3. Thank you Joao,

    We may use EJB, so I don't want to exclude it yet. I'm very familar with EJBs and the buisness requirement may point to use them.

    I want J2EE book to cover the latest how-to, how people design, develop, implement, do data access, test, etc nowdays. As I mentioned I've not done any J2EE work in one year.

    My last project covered areas such as:
    EJB 2.0

    So I m in desperate need of refresh my knowledge of the existing solutions, and guide lines.

    As I said, I dont exclude EJB yet.

    So please, more books (for J2EE architects, I would love too if secuirty is included, which is not in the current book I read)

    Thank you
  4. So you dont have any book advices???[ Go to top ]

    Please advice.