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    The Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) is a new Eclipse project devoted to providing an open source framework supporting the creation of communications-based applications on the Eclipse platform. IBM DW now has an article called "Getting started with the Eclipse Communication Framework" that offers a quick introduction to ECF that demonstrates one of the many capabilities the framework provides, and its future direction.

    The article walks through ECF's basic architecture and shows an example of a Yahoo IM client, running inside Eclipse.

    What uses besides simple IM can you see for this framework?
  2. The ECF has important interfaces for collaboration tools. In the downloads is already the first start for a collaborative editor.

    I think it is a good base to create the missing pieces for a perfect collaboration-environment. Besides features currently delivered by and other similar tools it could add "virtual pair-programming", distributed code-review team-discussions (maybe even with whiteboards...) and developer-help.

    Just imagine a discussion with a remote team-member using a common UML-design view and a chat-window with LOGging feature. With the final UML-diagramm and the chat-log you already have a meeting-minutes