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    I have tried Apache JMeter. This seems to be working fine, but a colleague said that there is a problem in the clientmachine running JMeter. The JMeter process got exponential more overhead for each user added.

    Any expiriences with JMeter or other loadtesting tools for webservices? (open source)

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  2. a work around we did, was have Jmetter run on differnt machines hitting the test Server..

    you are going to get over head no matter what tool u use.
  3. try soapui![ Go to top ]


    Please have a look at soapui 1.5 (http://www.soapui.org) which now has extensive loadtesting features, including support for functional/behavioural/performance and "requirements-driven" load testing.

    The soapui site contains a JMeter comparison that shows some of the differences in features and performance.

    regards and Good Luck!