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    Hello serverside community,

    actually I'm working on my master thesis at university and must use a user management component using EJB. What is the simplest way to design or implement such a module?
    It should be possible to manage users using user groups an the design (the JSP's ) should be easily changeable.
    My ideas:
    - implement a user as entity bean
    - implement a user group as entity bean
    - the flow as session bean

    but don't know how these things can then interact with each other? can someone help me?

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    Your case looks like a good example for an MVC pattern. You can use the same architechture as struts . Have a configuaration file that drives everything . A controller servlet . Each event mapping to each action . The calls to entity beans through a session bean facade pattern . Though I would suggest use simple POJO persistent objects(may be using tools like either Hibernate/Toplink) instead of entity beans unless u r using EJB 3.0 . Hence for example taking the case of user creation:
    The controller servlet using the config file maps the action create to the Action class CreateUser which internally using the session bean UserManager creates the user account for the User persistent POJO. After the creation is successful , the control goes back to the controller servlet which returns the SuccessPage.jsp after referring to the config file. You can also incorporate internatinalization by having resource bundles . Let me know if you have any questions.