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    Hi, i'm developing a little program for my university internal network.. this program run on a tomcat server, and it need to copy the arp table of the central router (IP-MAC, and possibly oslo the HostName and other details) on a local Database..

    My problem is how can i get the arp table with the java api?

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  2. Hi Stefano,

    Actually you can get arp tables and their information from about MAC and all in Unix/Linux very easily.
    Example: $ arp [....options....] this should be done in Shell prompt only
    and then by using pipes redirect them to your target file, this is fully related to Network Programming.

    But I think you want to get the tables from Java APIs..just refer these links,

  3. thank you, but i don't need to get the arp table of my host, i need to connect to a remote router and get it!

    i can't use telnet or ssh for do the linux command $arp, and i can't use this javaAPI because is only for the localhost.. i need an API than can get the arp table from the router!
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    Another solution can be a program in another language that save this table on a file.. but the problem is the same.. how to send the request to the router?

    please help me..