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    Has anyone ever encountered a problem with the java process crashing all the time on NT4?
    Im currently connecting to a SQL7.0 database and all my queries are being executed properly, but more often than not, the java process for the jsp server will crash giving me this error:

    The instuction at "0x00000018" referenced memory at "0x000000018". The memory could not be "read".

    Im using Apache.Tomcat and jdk1.2.2.. Is this a JAVA bug or soemthing else?

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    Being a Java developer you can't do any thing that can cause the error you are getting. The error msut be coming from some native method implementation of your VM. Errors like that are not very unusal(atleast in my expereince.)What version of JDK are you using? You better check for the bugg parade on javasoft site.

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    Hi Jeff Chan,

    I am experiencing the very same error messages that you have posted. This happens for me when I try to deploy an Enterprise Bean onto Websphere 3.5 The bean was developed using Visual Age for Java 3.5 and I had successfully generated the deployed code and exported the deployed jar file to websphere.

    What do we do to prevent this error ? Have you received any word from anyone ? PLease share it with me.


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    As of yet, I still do not know how to correct this error. I've read that this used to occur in JDK 1.1 and supposedly should have been fixed. Apparently not. I've also read in other places this only occurs with the NT/2K kernel and not the 98 kernel. I dunno if this is true or not.