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    I'm new to netbeans and am having a problem when trying to deploy a web application. Error:
    Cannot deploy. Module already exists. Set force=true for redeployment.; requested operation cannot be completed

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    1/ Go to the 'Runtime' tab on the left hand pane.
    2/ Select 'Servers|Bundled Tomcat...'
    3/ If it isn't running, start it (Right click on it and select 'Start/Stopserver' then follow the prompts)
    4/ Click on 'Web Applications' and Stop then Undeploy the application in question
    5/ Try to deploy your app
    6/ If this doesn't work, make sure that you application has the name that you intended by
    6a/ Right click on the application module in the project pane and select 'Properties'
    6b/ Choose the 'Run' option form the the 'Categories' tree
    6c/ Check the value in the 'Context path' field is something like '/myAppName'

    Hope this helps
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    I'm using Sun Java System Application Server if this helps any. Are there any books on this IDE?
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    I presume, then, that you're using the version of Netbeans that came with the Sun Application server as a bundle.

    If not, you might want to download it from here...

    I've not used this myself, but would guess that deployment to this server would be pretty well integrated - just as it is with Tomcat.

    Do you get Sun Application Server showing up on the list of servers?
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    You can run into this problem a couple ways. The easiest work-around is usually to restart netbeans with a new user directory....

    You can find out about user directories here:

    The fastest way to restart with a new user directory is to:
    1. exit out of NetBeans.
    2. delete the user directory (see the faq I just pointed to to help you find it in your OS environment)
    3. restart NetBeans.

    Note: if you registered SJSAS "by hand" you will need to redo that.

    If you have more issues, you may want to use the Netbeans mailing lists. You can find out about them here: