Article: An Approach to Web Services Non-Functional Requirements


News: Article: An Approach to Web Services Non-Functional Requirements

  1. The growing demand for secure Web services has resulted in new standards. According to Kumar, Chaudhuri and Singh, the problem faced by most developers is how to expose this information, both XML Schema and the security mechanism used by the service, in a standard way.

    In this article, the authors describe a utility tool that will help customize WSDL to contain the security
    information and XML schemas based on the WSDL 1.1 specification.

    They also suggest how to tie up this new WSDL to an existing service, and have analyzed the WSDL proxy generation components in various SOAP engines to come up with best practices in customizing WSDL in the most interoperable way.

    Read An Approach to Web Services Non-Functional Requirements Using WSDL Annotations.
  2. Where can I find this tool[ Go to top ]


    I would be very interested in using the TOOL that customises a WSDL ( vendor Apache Axis). How can I get my hand on the tool and how can i start using it?
  3. Hi Miriam,

    Initially we have completed the tool WSDL-O-MATIC from the server point of view, as in changing the wsdl with the customized schema and security related stuff.

    We have also now developed the tool as in also from the client consumption part.As in changing the generated client stubs (generated from wsdl),checking the new wsdl file,dynamically, and then to call the web service.

    We are planning to donate the tool as a part of a new feature of Apache Axis.It will take some time.
    After its donated there,you can happlily download from there.

    Is it fine?
    Please let me know.