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    We are currently evaluating different Open Source JMS providers and are very confused about which one to pick. Does any one has insight into which JMS solution will be a good match for a reliable distributed backbone. Specifically looking into ActiveMQ and JBoss Messaging. We are also planning on using ServiceMix. Can JBoss Messaging be used with ServiceMix?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I'm biased, so I'd say just use Apache ActiveMQ :)

    Though I would recommend you evaluate ActiveMQ and JBossMessaging yourself; e.g. try looking at the features and compare the performance yourself.

    FWIW ServiceMix uses ActiveMQ internally for its reliability, clustering, load balancing and failover mechanism. Though you can use any JMS provider such as JBossMessaging as a JMS component and bridge from any JMS (or other component to any other JMS (or other component).

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