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  1. possibloe non-activex AJAX on IE6? (1 messages)

    Now I need implment this:
    Calling server side servlet and get response without refresh the screen. Seems only AJAX works this way.
    But I can not use Activex in this project, and we are using IE6.

    I search the web, I got this:

    if (window.XMLHttpRequest){
    // If IE7, Mozilla, Safari, etc: Use native object
    var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest()
    if (window.ActiveXObject){
    // ...otherwise, use the ActiveX control for IE5.x and IE6
    var xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");

    It means I can not use AJAX without Activex on Ie6?

    Need help please. Thanks a lot in advance

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  2. Not your ActiveX[ Go to top ]

    The XMLHttpRequest class has been loaded from another ActiveX module.
    Just go ahead to try the code, or just use prototype.js for a painless life.