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    OpenSymphony and the Compass team are proud to announce the major release of version 0.9 of Compass, a Java Search Engine Framework leveraging Lucene for underlying capability and providing the ability to search Java object models instead of referring directly on content.

    Major features include searchable Java 5 annotations, EJB3 JPA integration, and simplified xml schema based configuration (includes integration with new Spring 2 configuration).

    Compass is a Java Search Engine framework based on Lucene, allowing for enabling search simply and easily with any application. To best learn about Compass and its origin, you can read this blog post.

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  2. Good Job, Shay![ Go to top ]

    In addition to Hibernate, I found Compass can now support iBatis, JPA, JDO, OJB,etc.

    It does make persistent data easier to implement Lucene search, with minimal code changes to your existing java application. Previously as I remember Compass was only for hibernate, now it can help most java ORM tools.

    Nice job!

    Chris Lu
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