How to deploy WEB & EJB application together in weblogic 5.1


EJB design: How to deploy WEB & EJB application together in weblogic 5.1

  1. Hi everybody,

    this is the problem related to deployment. the situation is

    * I have web application (war file) and deployed 6.0 weblogic through manual scripts
    * I have ejb application (jar file) and deployed 5.1 weblogic through visual cafe 4.1
    * In web app, jsp calling an IMPL class, in which JNDI logic is done to create the ejb and call the methods.

    my target is to deploy the whole app in 5.1 not in 6.0

    my quests are

    Can I deploy both web and ejb application together?
    Can we use Visual cafe for deploy both as a single app?
    Do we need to create EAR file to deploy?
    I know the console of 6.0 but dont know from where I can deploy in 5.1?
    Some Value classes is being used by ejb and web application so, where should I put those classes, in Jar or in War?


  2. If I recall you'll have to deploy your .ear/.war files
    in the file. For Weblogic 5.1

  3. No. WLS does not support .EAR files. You have to deploy .WAR and .JAR separately. No other way around.
  4. How can I deploy the WAR file. Can I use the visual care to deploy WAR, since, I am already using the visual cafe to deploy the JAR file. could you tell me how to deploy manually WAR file in 5.1

  5. VisualCafe EE 4.0 does not provide a way to deploy .WAR files. I have not checked out version 4.1 so I don't know. To deploy a .WAR, one used to create the web.xml and weblogic.xml files by hand, then create the correct directory structure, use the jar utility to package the files, place the .WAR at the appropriate place, and finally make an entry in the file. Now at WebLogic's developers site, they provide a JSP app named WLSBuilder which does the xml file creation and file packaging for you.
  6. U can find doc regarding this in

    J2EETM Blueprints Final Release
    Free download.(Designing Enterprise Applications
    with the JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
    by Nicholas Kassem and the Enterprise Team)

  7. Thanks.

  8. Thanks everybody.


  9. You can manually deploy aWar.jar in weblogic 5.1, by adding the following line to