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    I am trying to compile my code to create a simple stateless bean and am getting the error that javax.ejb.* cannot be found. I am using Weblogic 6.0

    There are a few references to this problem in the archives, and most relate to the classpath and the weblogicaux.jar file. Now I am unable to find this particular file however I did attempt to set the classpath with the command
    set classpath = c:\export\weblogic\wlserver6.0\lib directory...however the problem still persists.

    Please help

    Lucy programm3r@hotmail.com

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    Include %WLS60_HOME%\lib\weblogic.jar in you classpath.
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    thanks for your prompt reply!!!

    Well I included the classpath in the compiler instruction as follows

    javac Demo.java -classpath<c:\export\weblogic\wlserver6.0\lib\weblogic.jar>

    This resulted in a "file creation error"

    I then tried

    javac Demo.java -classpath<c:\export\weblogic\wlserver6.0\lib>

    which told me "access denied".

    I actually downloaded the jdk1.3 and Weblogic server....do I need J2EE SDK in addition to all this?
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    On Windows OS, do:

    javac -classpath c:\export\weblogic\wlserver6.0\lib\weblogic.jar;%classpath% Demo.java

    No need to download J2EE SDK.