Actually in my application i have a requirement where strings,files has to be searched(along with all possibilties).We are placing information in our database,files etc.
SO when i say search for "name";it sholud start searching "name" in all tables,databse,files along with all other nearer possibilities of "name"+"ing" or "ed" or anything else just like yahoo,goole or any other search engine does all this.

if lets say its in database only,i have to find some information which in indexing mechanism stored in database as datasets.the affiliated file or url is having a link which i have to manage as this al will be done.what about when i wont found that information in database and want to search in files,then other locations directories etc.
Any proper suggestion can send me somewhere from where i can start of.

I need to know mechanism follwed by them.
I don't want all complexities but i sholud be able to make good search in my aplication.Security wise i am not much bothered as only in my application if you are searching anything file,word or whatever you should get the information and its related links thats my requiremnt.

I have got a link where i tried to get something:
but its free version is giving some error.
Anyone can test this also.

Please provide me information links whatever is possible.